Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram – A Home for Poor and Homeless

10 Jan, 2013

GuruAmarDasApahajAshram Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram   A Home for Poor and Homeless











“Naam Jappo” and “Help the Needy” is the basic principle of this new Institute (Ashram). Its objectives are to help the destitute, disabled, blind, orphans, lepers, poor, homeless, aged and other needy people. The inmates of the Ashram are provided food, clothes, medical help and nursing care – all free of cost. The Ashram also provides wheel chairs, tricycles, and clothes to the needy. The education of hundreds of needy students studying in government schools has also been sponsored.

The founder of the Charity Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat forsook Canadian comforts and made reverse journey to India in 2005 merely at the age of 54 to serve the poor and homeless. He took his office dress off, put on simple clothes and chose to pedal his bicycle on the dusty and bumpy roads of slum areas in and around Ludhiana city. He used to pick up the homeless sick people from the road sides and take them to the hospital for treatment and pay their expenses. Sometimes he had to even personally stay in the hospital to look after them.

His determination, sincerity, continuous hard work and unflinching belief to help the needy solicited the public support which ultimately led to attain the daunted, arduous and cutting edge task of building the institute “Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram”. The ground floor of the Ashram is now almost complete.  The land and everything else are in the name of the Charity “Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram”. Like other members, Dr.  Mangat is simply a member of this registered Charity.

While helping homeless sick people lying on the road sides with a bag slung on his shoulders he looks like a labourer. However, several sampling techniques in Statistics developed by this gentleman were published in the leading journals of England, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and India. Some methods developed by him in Sample Survey now even have found place in the books published by international scientists. He worked as a Professor-cum-Scientist at Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana for more than twenty years. Besides working as a Scientist at the University of Windsor, he provided his services as Senior Scientist at Morrison Scientific in Calgary for more than seven years. He is also a former Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, London.  Besides publishing about 60 research papers in world famous journals, he is a co-author of text book “Elements of Survey Sampling” published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in Dordrecht (Netherlands), but now owned by Springer-Verlag of Germany.

Since March 2012, about twenty needy people have been admitted in the Ashram and the number is increasing every month. As most of the inmates are usually on medication, he spends most of his time attending these inmates. At present, the Ashram has a capacity to lodge about 45-50 inmates.  “The time is not far when on completion of the remaining three floors, the institute will be catering to hundreds of poor and homeless in the future”, said Dr. Mangat. By establishing the Institute Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat has not only sowed the seeds of generosity and kindness but also able to convey to the public that one should extend a helping hand to those in distress.  For more information he can be reached at Mobile 95018-42505, email, or log on to

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